Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taekwon-Do Makes Me Happy

If you're a regular reader here (not that I have a long history with this blog... yet) or a long-time reader of my other blog Dani : Black Belt Stitching Wizard you know I've been involved in Taekwon-Do for many years.  I first tried out a little bit of a class back in 1997 when I was visiting a friend in Texas who was taking TKD.  I must admit I was intrigued.  When the opportunity arose I tried out a school here at home, and well I have to admit I never looked back!  So this May will be my 14th year in TKD.  Now there have been a few breaks here and there over the years but I've always found myself going back.

On Monday evenings I teach the "Little Tigers" class, I have the most adorable group of 4-6 year old boys.  Yes girls are allowed, but for some reason I have no little girls in my Monday class.  I have to admit that yesterday by the time I was leaving work I was in the WORST mood ever, I was frustrated, angry and upset over a few things that were going on that really were beyond my control.  Then I received a call asking if I could teach all classes last night.  That would mean besides working a 7 hour day I now had to teach for 3 hours from 6-9PM.  After the day I had at work the last thing I wanted to do was teach three classes in a row (4-6 yrs, 7-13 yrs, and adults).  All I could think was if the kids acted up boy oh boy thins would not be good, there would be sit-ups and push-ups in their future.  I also, I really had no plan.

I have to say I was never so happy when my little guys came into the dojang.  The minute they came in and said hi to me and asked to go in the dojang my bad mood instantly lifted.  It was like my bad day had never happened!  Bless those little guys!  By the end of the night I felt like a million bucks, all my classes went so well, I think my students enjoyed it and I know I enjoyed teaching.

If you're not familiar with Taekwon-Do, it is full of protocol (which I love).  One of the first things we do, before entering the dojang itself (the training area) besides taking our shoes and socks off we bow to the room.  This bowing represents leaving your job, your family, your life, your day behind because you are there to open yourself to learn TKD.  Nothing proved this more to me than yesterday.

After the morning session, colour belts and black belts in attendance

This past Saturday Senior Master Lu hosted a full day patterns seminar.  Its the first event like this I've attended since returning to Taekwon-Do after my injury a few years ago.  It was a fantastic refresher and I enjoyed the day!
The Almonte Taekwon-Do contingent with Senior Master Lu (center)


Rachael xxx said...

Glad to hear it eased your mood. My eldest does TKD he is a green belt atm

Lisa said...

TKD sounds so rewarding for you, and the bowing to the room a great idea. I think I need to do that today before my PT session lol.
Thanks so much for your email, you don't know how much it means to me. I'm going to try to put together a blog post today or over the next few days, if I can make any sense at all, but it could be a long one lol.
Forgot to ask my last comment, the interval timer app you were talking about, what's the name exactly as when I searched I found three or four free ones and wasn't sure which it was I needed to download. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

TKD sounds like an awesome workout! It's so nice that you have something that gives you this release. I love the idea of bowing to the dojang as a representation of leaving everything behind. Very eye opening. It should always be that way when we take time to focus on ourselves. Not work, not school, not husbands, kids, groceries, bills, t.v., weather, traffic, etc. Just ourselves. That inspires me.

Thank you for sharing!