Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week in Review January 28-Febrary 4

Boy, did I start last week with really good intentions.  Intentions to get my workout schedule, back on schedule and get life "back to normal".  That didn't happen, it was another rough week in a row of many lately.  So let's just get to it and hash it all out.

I was getting very close to finishing a large Cross Stitching project of mine this past week so what did I really want to do all week?  Stitch of course!  I am very happy to report that I finished Art Deco Sprits at 11:30 last night and it sure is beautiful!  Also my mental state really lent itself more towards sitting at home and stitching than going out, getting to the gym and getting to Taekwon-Do classes.

Friday's weigh in was not conductive towards getting to my healthy BMI, I gained 1 lbs this last week.  Am I upset or angry over this?  No, not really, I earned this gain in more ways that one.  My drive to get in some exercise just plain sucked, I made it to the gym on Friday and to Taekwon-Do on Monday, that's it that's all.  I was feeling so rough that by  Tuesday I bumped my once a month massage up by two weeks and went in on Wednesday.  I beleive my massage therapist's words were "who poured cement on your shoulders?"  Like I said ... rough.  Then I had a huge issue with chocolate this week.  I wanted it, and I wanted it BAD.  The thing is it had nothing to do with hormonal cravings.

Here's this past week at a glance:

The Good:
  • I did exercise twice.  I did intend to exercise on Tuesday and Thursday (but didn't)
  • I took after myself and got a massage because I desperately needed it
  • I indulged in my hobby and finished a big project
  • I discovered a new recipie (Thanks Amy!) and it'll become a part of my cooking repretoire
The Bad:
  • I did not get back to my usual exercise routine.  On Tuesday I was invited to have dinner with Amy before Tuesday stitching, and I accepted the invite (and still don't regret it), also knowing that I would work out every other day that week.  Wednesday due to my massage I wasn't going to throw away the efffects and my money by going to Taekwon-Do, which got cancelled due to the storm we had that day.  Thursday, well I just decided to go shopping (and bought nothing) and then home to relax.
  • I did not track everything accurately last week
The Ugly:
  • One word: chocolate.  I hit one of the candy dishes at work pretty hard this week.... I can always count on it having chocolate in it.  I wanted chocolate badly, desperately, and worse than my "monthly" cravings!  When shopping on Thrusday I stopped in at Laura Secord to get my favourite chocolate bar (mint), because if you're going to indulge have that thing you absolutely love.  Well the chocolate bars were 2/$3 so the irrational side of me took 2 bars to the cash and once in the car I proceeded to eat BOTH of them!  They were good, I did enjoy them and I counted my points.
Upcoming Challenges This Week:
  • Get Back On Track!!!!
  • Do my best to resume my workout schedule
  • Do something to help me feel better.  I've been feeling blah, meh, whatever.  This has resulted in me being bitchy to the ones I love, lethargic, not happy or even my usual self.  I'm having headaches/migraines, and I'm exhuasted physically and mentally.


Jo said...

Sorry you are still having a rough time - sometimes we need to let go of the plan for a little bit, indulge ourselves, whatever - which is fine so long as you get back on it right away. Keep going, and ignore the absirdity of BMIs - think about the difference in your waistline instead. I sometimes find that looking at before and after photos can help

Laura said...

I hear ya! I was taking candy from the dish this week, too. One sign that I am not meant to take the candy from the dish? I took one bite and started to choke! True story.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Together we can get back on track.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you've been struggling so much this week (hugs). Trying to maintain or lose weight really sucks at times doesn't it. But you know what to do to get back on track and I know that you can do it.