Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Out The Other Side

Now that my Mum is well enough to be home and she's doing a little better every day, I have been walking around with a spring in my step!  I am starting to see clearly again, starting to get myself back on track back to my goal weight.  I am so tired of hovering 7-8lbs over goal!

Today I popped into the nearest Weight Watchers Center to work and weighed in today because once again I am not going to make a meeting again this week.  That and I'm running out of September to weigh in.  Normally, I weigh in during the morning, with no food/water in my stomach and in my lightest clothes.  That was not the case.  I was happy to discover I'm down 1.5 lbs from August!  This is good!  Movement in the right direction, now to use that as a focus.

I just want to share a few pics with you, I do need to constantly remind myself where I came from and where I've gotten to!  That I shouldn't beat myself up when I go through a rough period!!

 This picture really is my moment of shame so I'll keep sharing it over and over.  Notice the running shoes?  That's because I tore a bunch of ligaments in my foot teaching Taekwon-Do overweight!

September 10, 2011, look at that hot chick on the right!  Look at those sexy heels I would of NEVER dressed like this before my Weight Watchers Journey.  This was my childhood friend's wedding he knew me as a skinny kid, and a fat adult.  I like the new me much better!

Modelling my new concert t-shirt last night with a post-concert glow.  I am a concert shirt whore, love 'em!  I used to get the big XL/XXL frumpy unisex shirts.  Now I can buy the form fitting, sexy girlie shirts!  I have quite the collection of concert t-shirts now!  This reminds me that at 7lbs over goal I still look good in a tight little T


ollie1976 said...

you look awesome Dani! And I'm like you too-collecting the concert T's!

Karen said...

You look great! :)