Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meeting Topic Aug 28-Sept 3 : Shop Smart!

I am finally on the road back to getting myself back to "normal", back to goal.  I started on Monday with getting back in line with what foods I eat, the portion sizes and not saying yes to every treat that comes my way.  I also was successfully exercising daily until my Mum went into the hospital on Wednesday evening (but I did finally get a run/walk in today).  So the third step to my "recovery" was to get myself to a meeting, and make it become a weekly habit (like I used to).  These three pillars will be the key to my success.

This week's meeting was about how to handle the many temptations that the supermarkets present.  How many times have you been to the supermarket and come home with a treat or four that wasn't on your list because you bought it on impulse or the sample tasted good or the bakery smells overwhelmed your willpower?
A blurry cellphone picture of my grocery cart after the meeting on Saturday

So the key is to somehow avoid all these evil temptations to make wise choices!  Here are a few strategies to help you out:

  • Plan ahead, decide what meals you're going to prepare that week and add missing ingredients to your shopping list.  - I rarely plan my meals more than 24 hours in advance but I have a list of standard ingredients I keep in the house that usually make my usual repertoire of dishes.
  • Divide your list into categories (produce, dairy, meat, etc) so that you know exactly what you're wanting to buy in that are of the store.  - Again something I dont' do
  • Don't go hungry, if you need to have a healthy snack before you go shopping.  - Since I often go right after work I don't have that luxury unless I planned an extra snack when packing my lunch that morning.  I'm not beyond entering the store, getting my cart and heading right to the packaged baby carrots in the produce section (which is the first area you enter), opening them and snacking on them while I shop.  I of course always pay for them before I leave!  That helps keep me out of trouble... most of the time.  If you have a hard time with samples try chewing gum while you shop.  Myself, I allow myself to have the samples, I just don't buy the product.
  • Shop once a week so that your food is always fresh!
  • Shop smart by buying items in bulk. - But then its not smart to buy something in bulk if it goes bad before you can finish it!  I buy my fruits and veggies in bulk because we eat so much of them!
  • Be aware of supermarket psychology - Its all planned, from the music to the smells, to the layout and the end caps (those are the ends of the aisles where promotion/sale items are displayed).

I am still coping well enough with my Mum's illness and the fact that she's in the hospital.  I am doing my best to eat proper meals, they may not be at the hour I'd like them to be at but I'm eating the right foods.  I had a very strong urge to stop for an ice cream on my way to the hospital this afternoon but I didn't.  I wouldn't be doing myself a favour and I don't think my Mum would be happy to watch me put weight on due to stress/distress. 

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Karen said...

Your grocery cart looks a whole lot better than mine usually does!

Hope your mom gets better soon.