Sunday, October 30, 2011

Starting Over

I won't share with you pictures of me in my skinny jeans this week because really there is no difference in my weight from last week's to this.

On Saturday when I went to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting (see yesterday's post for this past week's meeting topic), for the second week in a row!  Yay me!  Last week I just went, I sat through the meeting and had a bit of a chat with my meeting leader.  We agreed that this Saturday I would come to the meeting and buy 8 weeks worth of coupons.  So instead of weighing in once a month and not necessarily being committed to going weekly, for the next two months I'll be going in once a week, weighing in and staying for the meeting.  Like I used to do for years!

When I went to the scale my leader pulled out a new weight tracker for me (mine was full anyhow) and she wrote "New Start" right next to my weight.  So we treated today as my first day so my (new) starting weight is 156 lbs, which as you can see my home scale agreed.  I have 11 pounds to loose to get to goal.

I've decided I want to treat this like the new start my leader calls it, and she's right.  For months now I've been really not trying that hard.  So I'm doing this right, going to meetings, I'm taking progress pictures, and I've taken my measurements.  All things I wish I had done when I first started Weight Watchers.

So here I am in my weigh-in clothes at 156 lbs.  Many of you may think boy she still looks great, I wish I was 156 lbs and so on.  On my short 5ft 2in frame 156 lbs is overweight, and I can see where those 11 lbs are sitting on my body.  I can feel that extra weight, see where its sitting, its affecting how I feel about myself.  There are days I feel like a failure because I can't get my head around taking off this extra weight and the fact that I've been up since April and not "done" anything about it.

Here are my starting measurements :

Hips - 43 in
Bust - 37 1/2 in
Arms  - 12 in
Waist - 34 in
Thighs - 26 in

The one thing I did learn from this is that my waist is up 4 inches from March when I had to send in my waist measurement for my kilt for the Perth Kilt Run back in July.

This upcoming week I will continue to focus  on getting back into routine in terms of going to the gym and Taekwon-Do.  I will also focus on eating a proper dinner before 7:30 PM.


ollie1976 said...

Dani-I think you look great but completely understand the feeling of what the extra weight feels like. I know you can do it and I support you 100%. Now if I can just find a meeting place down here and get my butt into gear.

Karen said...

Treating this like a new start is a great idea! I know you have been struggling for quite awhile, and this definitely looks like it could be a big turning point for you. :)

fatgirlwearingthin said...

OK, great starting point. This weight will come off in no time, Dani. You are working from a fresh perspective with a world of knowledge that you didn't have the first time around. You already know what works and what doesn't. That's a good thing.
Oh, and your comment on my blog about the jeans you just pull up...WHO on earth would look good in those? I can only imagine the rolls those pants would accentuate on me. Yuk. I am on a mission to find higher rise jeans (NOT 'Mom' jeans) for petites like you and me. When I find them, I'll let you know!

AmericanKnitter said...

I am a lifetime member of WW. I reached goal and left the meetings after about 4 months of checking in. I was doing fine on keeping at goal right up until I broke my ankle in the early summer!

I now have 8 pounds I don't want.

I was trying to lose on my own and having a hard time.

Just two days ago, I decided to get back to weight watchers and get with my great energy peeps and get back to goal with HELP!

I don't need to be a lone wolf anymore.

I have peeps dang it, and I'm going to go see them… AND reach my goal again.

I was looking for weight loss blogs for inspiration and found yours.

We can do it!

AmericanKnitter said...

Oh by the way, our goal weight is the same!