Friday, October 7, 2011

You're Always On My Mind...

I know it can't just be me, I'm sure this is a problem every person who has or is loosing weight... I think a bout food a lot, I mean I think about food all the time.  I'm either thinking about when can I eat next, what am I going to eat next, how many points do I have left, how many points would that treat be, can I afford a treat, what do I want for a treat, no you shouldn't eat that, or I'm thinking about eating right.  I just find I think about food ALL THE TIME!

Last week all I could think about was baking cookies!  When I was overweight I baked quite a bit, and cookies was one of my specialties.  I would also make brownies, banana bread, and cakes.  Nothing makes the day better than a nice piece of cake.

Back to cookies now.  Like I said I was dying to bake cookies!  I hadn't made a single cookie in over three years, since I started my journey.  I love a nice soft, chewy cookie the only hard cookie that's a good cookie is a ginger snap or an Oreo in my opinion.  I was thinking about going to a stitching get together with friends last Saturday so that's what I did Friday night, I gave into my urge.  Boy I made cookies!

I made a batch of my favourite Big, Chewy Ginger Cookies... they turned out perfect!  I hadn't lost my touch.  I also made a batch of the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, not so much of a success but probably because I was baking these after midnight!  They tasted great but a wee bit flat, even after adding a little more flour they were still flat.

So I packed up half of each batch of cookies and took them stitching, cookies are best shared with friends!  The other half I left here with Todd, he's great for finishing things up so I'm not tempted by yummy, I will splurge until my belly busts foods.

This weekend is a huge one for food as well!  It's Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend despite the fact that this should be a holiday to give thanks for the things in our lives, for our family and friends.  I can assure you after the last month I am definitely thankful for my family!  My Mum doesn't have the energy yet to put on the full spread so I offered to do it this year.  Oh boy I started to regret it as soon as I thought about it!  I've never been a big one for entertaining or cooking on a "Sunday Dinner" scale.  I have actually never even done a roast or a whole chicken before.

Our family dinner is going to be on Saturday and its a pretty healthy one of roast chicken, we're not huge turkey or ham people in this family so I'm going to cook three roast chickens.  I cooked the first of three tonight, so that tomorrow I can cook the last two together.  Doesn't it just look perfect?  Besides the chicken there's going to be green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy.  For dessert there's either the healthy option of fruit salad and/or vanilla frozen yogurt and/or an apple blossom (like a mini apple pastry).  So there's a lot of healthy and a wee bit of sinful.

I spent the day today cleaning my house and prepping some of the food in advance for tomorrow.  I earned a million activity points today with four hours of housework!  Yes I cleaned the house from top to bottom.  Luckily I'll get up early enough tomorrow for a descent run before it gets too warm or late in the day, dinner is early around 4 PM!

If you're Canadian have fantastic Thanksgiving and if you have seconds, make sure its worth it!

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fatgirlwearingthin said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Dani.
Cookies. Yes. I am a pro. And, yes. I think about food all the time, too. You're definitely not alone.