Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 43 - Tricks Not Treats

For the second week in a row I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I'm going to give you more about my week and what I'm doing in my next post, tomorrow.

This week's topic was "Tricks Not Treats" aka Halloween!  Its almost here!

Like many holidays Halloween has been commercialized, it has now become a vehicle to make money, to sell costumes and candy.  Once upon a time there were pagan and religious meaning to the day, not anymore.  Its a tough day for those of us watching our weight, for those of us are easily tempted by tasty treats that laden store shelves, perhaps your children's treat bags after the day itself, or the little candy bars on a co-worker's desk.  Candy pops up everywhere!

Fact of the matter is, candy is full of SUGAR and FAT.  I know I didn't get overweight eating fruits and vegetables it was eating crap!  When you eat sugar your brain releases serotonin, this makes us happy and in turn your body starts to physically crave sugar!  I know that this affects me very strongly and I need to cut out the sugar I keep craving and eating!

It is okay to have 1 or 2 treat sized candies on Halloween but you have to know when to stop and if you're like me its hard to stop at 1 or 2.  Also, we're taught at Weight Watchers that no food is off limits and this can work against us when you're an old pro like me and you know how to "work the plan" (aka cheat the plan) so my leader gave us ideas on how to cope with the day and the abundance of candy.

Get Rid Of It! - Pick a time when you're going to give out candy to the last trick-or-treater, when that last kid shows up empty the bowl into their bag!  Or take the leftovers into work, worry about your weight not your co-worker's weight!

Freeze It! - Put the leftover chocolates in the freezer it'll take you awhile to eat just one treat and you might have second thoughts about having a second when you took awhile to eat the first.

Go Help Someone Else - If you enjoy seeking the kids and handing out candy, go to a friends and help them give out candies... then you're not tempted by leftovers at home because you just don't have any.

Go Out on a Full Stomach - When you go out with your wee ones to collect treats make sure you're full so you're not tempted to snack on the yummy goodies the kids collect.  While you're out there chew some gum or take a nice big coffee or tea in a travel mug and sip on that as you wait for the kids.  If you've already go something in your mouth it'll be a challenge to eat.

Ditch the Sense of Occasion - Did you know you can buy chocolate and cadies any time of the year?  Yes you really can and snack sized ones are readily available year round now.

Slimming Treats For You - Pick out a few low point tricks for you to enjoy!

I Don't Like It! - Buy candies you don't like to eat

Have a Game Plan - Give out the candies that would tempt you the most first.  Don't open the candy packages until the first kid rings the doorbell.  Buy your candy at the last minute.  Decide how you're going to cope ahead of time so you're not thrown off plan.

Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, Dani! Have a fabulous weekend!

Robin in Virginia