Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm So Durned Proud of Myself!

Happy Halloween!!!

I was worried about today, I kept thinking about how hard today was going to be.  Not only is it Halloween and the treats are EVERYWHERE but also at work it was our annual Cake Auction fundraiser.  So not only were candies easily available but there was cake! Cake! Cake!  Oh do I like cake!  Its one of my "gonna have it" foods, which means I will allow myself to have some if its up for offer.

I'm very proud because today I had one little two-bite cupcake and only two mini chocolate bars.  My focus was THERE today and I was able to walk away from quite a few treats today.  Something I haven't been able to do recently.  By the afternoon I was pretty tired and didn't feel up to going to the gym.  Since the weather is getting colder and there's nothing worse than putting on a cold sports bra (try it at -20c... I dare you!) I've started bringing my gym bag into work.  So I changed into my gym clothes BEFORE I left the building, this way I was committed to going to the gym.  I had a great workout and came home feeling great.

Instead of weighing in on Saturday this upcoming week, I'll be weighing in on Wednesday because I can't make it to my Saturday meeting.  I'm already feeling positive about this upcoming weigh in... I'm being good I haven't peeked at my scale.

My friend Tracey and I in matching pumpkin t-shirts!

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Karen said...

Those cakes look great! Good for you for stitcking to your diet though and only allowing yourself a couple of treats.