Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Reason To Stay Motivated

Today's November 1st do you know what that means?  Its the start of NaBloPoMo!  That's right, its National Blog Posting Month, so for the month of November we are encouraged to post one blog entry every day for the whole month.  I participated 100% last year, so let's see if I can do it again this year!

So hopefully I can use this to spur myself towards getting back on program and loosing weight, by having to face you my readers on a daily basis.

Today's evil culprit I couldn't resist!

I did okay today, though temptation abounded again!  I don't think I did as well as yesterday but I did well.  This morning at work our breakfast in support of United Way.  The tables were laden with big bagels, croissants, tasty loaves, cheese and other goodies.  So this  morning I made sure I had some yogurt and instant oatmeal on hand before I left the house just in case breakfast wasn't what I considered "point friendly".  After perusing the choices I grabbed some fruit and one tiny piece of banana bread (I love that stuff) and took it up to library-land to get away from the rest of it.  I was okay until lunchtime when one of my co-workers had cut into one of her daughter's from scratch cakes that was amazingly decorated.  I had to try a little piece.  Oh my goodness!  I had to have a second small piece!  It was the most amazing cake I've had so far!  I felt pretty guilty about the second piece after I ate it but you can't undo that.  Since I had already indulged today I stashed away the two mini chocolate bars that materialized on my desk when I cleared away some paperwork.  Those can be my dessert tomorrow night!

Tomorrow evening, I weigh in!  Ack!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in your quest!

Robin in Virginia

fatgirlwearingthin said...

that cake looks amazing! I'm not sure sure I'd be able to pass that up, either. But you did limit yourself, which says a LOT. Plus, you adjusted your eating habits for the rest of the day. Also good!! Good luck on the weigh-in!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Danielle!!! Keep it up - I'm starting again, again too! We should stitch soon with healthy point friendly snacks:)


Karen said...

That cake looks awesome! I don't think I could pass it up and I'm not even a huge cake fan! ;)