Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stitching, Eat, Sleep... Repeat!

That's what this weekend was!  Oh boy!  What a fantastic time I had with my stitching friends tucked away in a lovely Country Inn.

 Showing off the ornament I received in our annual exchange

As usual I worry that these weekends will have an impact on my weight loss efforts.  I do my best to eat well and exercise leading up to one of my girl's stitching weekend.  Then leading up to dinner on Friday night I try to have a really healthy and low point breakfast and lunch.  Its once we start eating on Friday night that I feel like I struggle the whole weekend!

I must admit that this year, the desserts didn't tempt me, and there was no chocolate to be had!  Which was sad as I had been looking forward to having some.  If there wasn't lots of temptation for me this year, I still feel like I ate too much, and indulged a little too.

A few of us broke down on Saturday afternoon and while we were out picked up some chocolate to put out for the group.  I know I ate more than what was good for me, but at least is was good chocolate!  Enjoyable chocolate!
Saturday afternoon menu

I did get out on two occasions for 30 minute runs, so I wasn't 100% sedate all weekend.

All in all, I had a great time, I enjoyed spending it with good friends, getting in some quality stitching time and eating some great food!  If this affects my weigh in this week, I only have myself to blame... if I stay the same or have a small loss I'll be very happy!

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Beatrice said...

I think you did very well Dani..there was lots of gooood food. I'm pretty sure you did better then me..I didn't walk at all..oops!
It was fun seeing you over the weekend.