Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today was weigh in day, I had doubts about how I did this week.  I had a "points sticker shock" moment on Saturday when I had lunch at Pizza Hutt with my friends from Taekwon-Do.  Did you know a personal pizza runs you an average of 19 points?  Eeek!  Thank goodness I did 2 hours of sparring prior to that!  I felt a little shaky on my food and a wee bit of mindless grazing this week I was sure wasn't going to help the matter!

It turns out I did fairly well this week!  I lost 1 lbs!  So I'm now down 2.5 lbs since my new start.  When I put these 10 lbs back on, I was pretty sure I could take the weight off all on my own.  Over six months of "trying" proves that I can't do this alone, that I need the support that my Weight Watchers meeting, peeps, and leader offers!  I should of know better than struggling on my own (except I was going in to weigh in once a month), because I couldn't initially loose my weight on my own either.

I finally am starting to feel good about myself, and I'm feeling in the right head space to loose this weight!

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ollie1976 said...

Way to go Dani! I'll be weighing in tomorrow (Saturday)