Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

Many of us eat to stuff our emotions down we eat when we're sad, mad, angry, bored, depressed and more.  Sometimes its hard to be happy.  I find when I'm happy the urge to eat just isn't there, unless I'm hungry.

What makes me happy?

My Partner Todd -- He might really frustrate me some days, but he's been with me from fat to thin, through good time and bad for almost 20 years now.

My friends -- I've been so lucky to meet some very special and wonderful  people in my life.

My cats -- I've grown up with cats all my life.  Back in March I had to put down my first cat that I had gotten when I left home.  Oh boy that hurt, it hit me very hard.  The two furry babies in my life right now are Hunter (9) and Zeus (10 months) oh they sure make me happy and laugh often.  They are also are a great comfort when you're feeling low.  They know when you're sad, when you need a cuddle.

My Stitching -- I LOVE cross stitch!  I mean I really love to cross stitch!  Yes, stitching can be a very solitary past time, you do have to keep your hands clean when stitching so there's no eating while stitching (or at least very careful with your food choices).  I have also take this past time and turned it into something very social.  I have made some amazing friends through stitching, we get together to stitch, I go to retreats, I take classes and more.  I do think hobbies are very important to our mental well being.

Photography -- I've always liked taking pictures, I won my first camera when I was 12 or 13 and I've had one ever since.  A few years ago I got serious with the purchase of a D-SLR and an introductory course at my local college.  I use my photography as an excuse to get outside and go for a walk!  Not only do I have a D-SLR but I keep a point and shoot in my purse at all times, you never know when there's a cool photo opportunity around the corner!

Takewon-Do -- When visiting a friend back in 1997 she was taking Taekwon-Do, I went with her to watch her TKD class and the instructor pulled in for a bit of the warm up.  You know what, I liked it.  So once I got back home and had the cash to spare I joined a local TKD school.  Oh boy, I was hooked!  Today, I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Instructor.  My weight loss really benefited my abilities in TKD!

So what makes you happy?


Bonnie Brown said...

Great post!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I love these things that make you happy, Dani. I didn't know you were such a talented photographer. You have quite an eye, and your stitching - how beautiful! You really are quite an artist.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

What makes me happy? Taking that next step higher --- knitting a more difficult pattern, doing something at the gym that I couldn't do a month ago, walking further ... it's the tackling of a new challenge. I just LOVE it.