Saturday, November 5, 2011

Becoming Re-Inspired

I had to give up a fair part of my weekend to Takewon-Do stuff.  I always feel a little resentful when I have to do this.  Often once I get there I'm very happy to be there.  Friday night and today Grand Master Lu held is first Seminar as a Grand Master and this was being done to compliment the testing that was happening this afternoon for 5 candidates who were ready to become Masters (7th Dan).

The seminar for me was great, and I really needed it!  Friday night we concentrated on the Elements of the Theory of Power and the Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do.  To practice each element we did one pattern per element, which pretty much covered all of the colour belt patterns.  Each time I go to a seminar I always walk away with a new tip or tidbit of information I didn't know before.  This was true of Friday night, I learnt some new facts about the sine wave we use while in motion.  I learnt that though Takewon-Do was introduced as a martial art in 1955 that sine wave wasn't introduced until 1984, I just can't imagine Taekwon-Do without it!

Today's portion of the Seminar focused on sparring and self-defense, I openly admit these are my two least favourite aspects of the training cycle of Taekwon-Do (fundamental movements, patterns, sparring, and self-defense).  The focus was more on the sparring and instead of it being taught by Grand Master Lu we were being instructed by a Master from Montreal who had been the World Champion for sparing back in 1992.  I think for the first time in the almost 15 years I have been involved in Taekwon-Do I actually enjoyed sparring!  Well we didn't actually spar but he spent the time explaining strategies, how to move, how to think, how to react in the ring.  He had a lot of great drills that I'm looking forward to the next time I teach during sparring week!  I made a point of going over and thanking him, let him know that as someone who doesn't like to spar I thoroughly enjoyed what he had to teach us (its that compliment thing again!).

I found this seminar inspiring for me as a student and as an instructor.  Its given me the urge to go back to training more frequently, something I have really been dragging my heels over for far too long!  Like I said its given me some ideas to take back as an instructor as well.  I can only continue to become a better instructor if I continue to learn myself.

My instructor, Mr. Marin is on the left

After a lunch break the testing of the prospective Masters began it took over 2 hours to test the 5 candidates.  One of them my instructor Sabum Marin!  All five candidates had been involved in Taekwon-Do for on average 30 years.  What was particularly inspiring for me today was to see the two women testing to become Masters!  These two ladies will be the first two Masters in Canada!  For sure a historical moment in Canadian Taekwon-Do! 

I have always envisioned myself getting my 4th Degree in Taekwon-Do (I am currently a 3rd Degree), becoming an international instructor.  Seeing these two women today, has shown me that the door is open for me, to become a Master someday.

Sadly I had to leave before the promotions were done, so I don't know for sure if everyone passed.  I would say they all did a fantastic job and everyone walked away a Master!

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