Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Broke Up With Weight Watchers Today

Yes, I did I broke up with Weight Watchers today... well kinda.

During the last month of silence I've been doing a lot of thinking about myself and where do I want to go and now do I want to get there. The last couple of years have been a weight loss disaster. Things started going downhill for me when Points Plus was introduced. From the moment the switch was made it became harder for me to maintain my 63lb weight loss. I'm sure it's just not the plan, it's in my head too.

So as of today I'm sitting at 190.4 lbs (gym selfie from yesterday above) which means I've gained back about 47 of those pounds. Depressing isn't it? Just makes me want to go on a binge and never stop, thinking about it. Yesterday was my reset, my fresh start. I'm going to try to forget how far I got, and how far I've fallen. Just focus on today and where I want to go from here.

I mentioned I broke up with Weight Watchers.... Kinda. Today I did cancel my monthly pass, no more meetings, no more etools, no more points plus. Each week sitting in my meetings knowing I had another gain made me feel like a fake/hypocrite. It was doing bad things for my headspace/psyche/motivation. I've decided to go it alone, old school!

I knew I kept all my old WW stuff for a reason! I lost all my weight on this plan so of I can't do to this time, I KNOW the problem is ME. So I've pulled out the old slider, points book and I picked up one of the tracking journals. I'm hoping writing it down will make me much more accountable.

I'm also getting back into the gym. This is another thing that's been messing with my head. I've been dealing with foot pain since March and what activities I can do are limited. Many of the classes have too much impact or the times just don't work with my schedule. So the plan is to get on, get on the bike and do the quick fit weight circuit.

So that's the plan, I'm getting tired of outgrowing my clothes and having to buy new, bigger clothing.

I saw this on Facebook this morning, and just seemed very appropriate!

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Anonymous said...

Yes… try harder.

I'm on board with that too!

Sometimes we DO have to push the reset button.

Right now I am focusing on getting enough fluids into my body. I remembered this from WW when I used to go.

We learned skills at that place, we really did. Not all approaches work for everyone all the time. I'm older now, I have to make adjustments. I also have to learn to deal with setbacks and things not working as easily as they did before.

Big deal. I need to put on my 'bitch' skirt, and move on.

(Walked 1.53 miles today… and three other days this week!)

You go get 'em girl. Do it the way it works for you!


Sylvia said...

Dani, I am with you. I have been losing and regaining the same 20 pounds for years. I also left weight watchers because I didn't like the point system. I put an app on my iphone called "Lose It" it helps track what you eat and calories burned during exercise. I love this app and when I use it religiously I lose weight. I weighed in at 189.4 lbs this morning and I would love to get down to 140 lbs. I joined a hiking club to get me moving and I am starting to track my food again. I am also making sure I drink 64 oz. of water a day ( a real challenge for me).

Abby said...

Hope this works out for you.
Finding what works for us can be so hard (I am struggling to discover it), but I think you are doing the smart thing by trying something new.

Megan Fredritz said...

I too have suffered from foot pain, mainly my heel which makes the jumping hard to do.

Like you as well, I am trying something new to get a jump start, IIFYM. Hoping it is the change I need.

Amy said...

Wishing you much motivation! I am struggling with the same thing right now.

I am a member of TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) It gives me the accountability of the scale each week, but the flexibility to use whatever program works for tracking food...not that I do it anyway.

July is going to be an awesome month!

Bonnie Brown said...

Good luck with the old program!
I know you did so well with it, fingers crossed it helps you again this time :)

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you.

I started at 199. I got down to 168 at my lowest. Now I'm at 177. My dr. put me on a med. that made me "head hungry" all the time. I immediately gain some weight back.

She adjusted and now I'm doing better. Now it's up to me (and you!) to keep going.

I know you can do it!

April E said...

I still stick with original, old-school regular WW Points. I claim to be WW follower, but honestly I've only followed and embraced original Points. "Plus" or "Core" programs just didn't work for me nor help me learn any new/better habits.
So use what you know will work!