Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Things...

Camo & Lipstick

Its the second week for the Little Things Linkup and I'm sitting here trying to rack my brains for that little thing that's made me smile or feel good about myself.

1. The lovely gentleman at the Tim Hortons drive thru that let me go ahead of him this morning.  There's two entries to the gas station where I hit the "On The Run" Timmies for my morning tea.  He had come in where the lineup tends to be when there is one, I had come in from the other side.  So I was ready to wait my turn.  He waved me in!  Thank you so much for that kind gesture this morning!

2. My weigh-in this morning was not what I was picturing it to be.  I had visions of getting out of the 190's, I had a start weight of 190.4 lbs.  I stepped on the scale this morning to see 190.2 staring back at me.  What a let down!  I know why my number didn't give me that happy-weigh-in-buzz.  I got empty leg syndrome on Monday night and started eating like food was going out of style and that kinda continued yesterday as well!  At times I was physically hungry, at times I ate just because it was there.  So instead of giving up, I'm turning that negative into a positive and I'm going to try harder and eat ONLY when I'm hungry.  Also on the positive side I tracked everything last week!  I'll continue this week.

Okay now while I've already touched on the subject of Timmies... I'm really good almost all the time when I hit Tims (if you don't know about Tim Hortons its a Canadian institution, a coffee/doughnut shop).  Its always for a cup of tea in the morning, its also a great place to stop when road tripping for either a sandwich, soup or bagel and you can find them in almost everywhere in Canada.  They are also at every stop along the 401.  That's if you can stay away from the sweet treats.

Look at what was staring me in the face when I got up to the drive-thru!!!  OMG my mouth started just watering looking at the latest additions to their menu!  I LOVE Oreos, I don't buy them for a reason and if they are Golden Oreos I'm likely to knock you over to get at the bag and eat a whole row!  Now the doughnut didn't tempt me as much as that Oreo Iced Cappuccino!  Oh my!  In the summer I find there is noting more tempting than an iced coffee-drink-thing or soft serve.  To throw Oreo cookies into the mix.

I haven't given in to temptation ... yet but I might find myself allotting the points to have one in the near future, just to try it.


Amy said...

What a great link up!

Despite trying to fill that hollow leg, you did still manage to lose...even if it was just a tiny bit...but it's the little things, right ;-)

The last bag of oreo's we had called my name with a big ol' glass of milk....however, I was so ashamed that I ended up eating almost the entire thing in a few days, I just put the empty container back in the cupboard and in fact, it's still there!

You will do great next week!

Candra @ Camo and Lipstick said...

Sounds like me with Dunkin Donuts! As much as I try to only get a coffee there constant barrage of new donuts always sucks me in. Last week I got a BLUEBERRY COBBLER DONUT! Like seriously WTF. Thanks for linking up!

Abby said...

On the plus side, you went down and not up.
That is awesome.

Hollow leg syndrome... not I finally have a diagnosis:)

Shebafudge said...

A loss is a loss, so well done :) (Very belatedly!)