Sunday, July 6, 2014

Busy Weekends Are Good

This weekend was a busy, exhausting one!  The one good thing about busy weekends is there's no time to be bored and no chance to graze!  That's a reason to love a busy weekend!  Of course now I'm so tired I'm not even interested in eating LOL!

My partner Todd is an avid angler, a bass man.  For the last couple of years he's been in one of the Eastern Ontario tournament circuits with my friend Tracey's husband.  We're so lucky that the four of us are such great friends and we can just hang out.  This spring he got the boat of is (almost) dreams.  The boat he really wanted wouldn't fit in our garage!

Yesterday no one was available to go fishing with him.  So I agreed to head out on the water and try my best.

It was not a good day on the water, fishing-wise.  Todd seemed to be the only one catching what few fish we did catch.

Since things were slow, I had a nice nap, and even pulled out a little stitching on the boat!

Though the fishing sucked, and I was skunked I still had a great day out on the water!

Today, while the boys were out on the water for one of their tournaments, Tracey and I spent the day together.  We puttered around town, and had a nice lunch out.  It was nice to spend the day together before she and Ed head East for the summer!  Again I was too busy to worry about snacking and grazing!

I've managed to track my food all week so far, and I'll find out on Wednesday if going back to the old Weight Watchers points system has helped.


Bonnie Brown said...

Great pics!
Fingers crossed for Wednesday!

Abby said...

Hope going back to that system works for you.