Monday, April 15, 2013

346 Days To Go, My Kryptonite

Boy, it's been a long day! I ended up having to work through the day with no lunch break, as there was no coverage. I'm okay with that when it needs to be done.

On the way home I stopped into Costco for a few odds and ends we needed. Oh my, it was soooo tempting! It was finally a beautiful, sunny day, the thermometer in my car was reading 15c!!! Just this past Friday we had an unheard of Snow Day in April! Why was Costco so tempting? I seem to have this psychological association between a warm, sunny day and... SOFT SERVE, my Kryptonite! There's nothing like a vanilla cone OR a "diabetic coma in a cup", aka caramel sundae on a warm sunny day. Honestly Costco's soft serve is THE best.

NSV (non-scale victory) for this girl I walked out sans ice cream! It was tempting!

Before I cared about my diet and weight, on a nice warm day I'd often hit the DQ drive in just down the street from work. I could tell you that at that a medium dipped cone was $1.83. That I could drive a stick shift AND eat a Blizzard at the same time.

Have I given up my Kryptonite? Never, but it's just less frequent, smaller sizes, often in a cup (gotta save a few points), and NEVER while driving. I've pretty much stopped all drive-thru activities except to grab the odd steeped tea at Timmies.

Bonus NSV for today, Todd called me at work and he actually suggested we go for a walk after work! He NEVER wants to go walking/running with me I almost always go alone! So I got dinner ready to the point I just had to go in the oven we drove to one of the nearby recreational trails and walked for a good hour! That was a nice end to my day.
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Whoo hoo! Great job(s)!

Bonnie Brown said...

Great NSV. Unfortunately I caved Sunday night and got a blizzard. I didn't look up the points ahead of time and was shocked. I knew it would be bad, but not THAT bad. I also discovered that it wasn't worth those points. If the craving comes again, I might try for just a cone :)