Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Frustrating Cycle

Not another great day for me. I woke up just feeling like shit this morning. There's no other way to put it. I wok exhausted, on the verge of a migraine and a little nauseous.

Lets review what I do when I'm having a little pity party... Oh yeah I eat way more than I should, and things I shouldn't eat, and I sleep. My cravings were riding me hard today and its really hard to ignore that devil on my shoulder when I don't feel well. I managed okay until late after own when I managed to get my hands on some cookies. Yup I ate five.

I came home from work and I slept for an hour and a half.

We tackled a different section of recreational
tonight, see still some snow on the ground!!!

That nap led to no planned dinner, so when Todd and I got home at 7:30 from our hour long walk. There was nothing ready to be cooked or eaten. For me that lead to a disorganized meal of crackers, tea, a toasted banana sandwich, and a pop-tart. Let me assure you pop-tarts are not worth the 5 points each.

I know that when I ate well and exercised regularly and was at my goal weight I felt AWESOME all the time. I had energy, I was abler to ignore my inner devil most days and I wasn't coming home from work and sleeping for a few hours, like I have been for months now.

I need to work harder to break this cycle! I know the key to my success is getting out of this eat-sleep cycle!

- thanks for reading!


Lana said...

You can do it!!! Do you take a multi vitamin? Those really help me with my cravings, because when you crave things it is your body telling you you are low on an essential vitamin or mineral. That's why the more crap we eat the more we want! Give your body the nutrition it needs and it will want no more! It really has helped me stay on track! Also when you get the good stuff you need, then your body functions better! Wa-la! No more naps! Give your body good fuel,to keep going strong! Head up, tomorrow's another day! YOU CAN do this!!!!

Bonnie Brown said...

I hate days like that. Hopefully today is better for you.