Monday, April 22, 2013

Meetings, Food and Exercise Oh My,

Well, we're down to 339 days and in some ways I feel like I'm making progress and in others I feel like I'm treading water. I've not been into a Weight Watchers Meeting since late March!!! I had every intention to go on Saturday, but I couldn't drag my sorry ass out of bed in time to get there! My meeting starts at 9:45 am I usually like to head out at about 9 so I have plenty of time to line up and weigh in. It's means getting up at 8am... I'm not a morning person so I need that extra time to get moving. So I decided I'm going to switch back to Wednesday night meetings, 6:45 pm totally do-able!

Today I was reminded that it is Administrative Assistants(Secretary) Day. I am a Library Technician but I get lumped in with the Office Girls since I work in the Office an hour each morning. We are being treated to a lovely lunch out on Wednesday. So guess what I won't be doing that evening? Yup, I guess I'll be trying to get into WW on Saturday morning again. I know the meetings can make you more successful at weight loss... I haven't weighed in in weeks now and I suspect I'm up, my body feels like it is.

Mini Broccoli Omelettes from Skinnytaste

Food still isn't quite there yet, but still improving. There have been a few more better choices, less BLTs (bites, licks, tastes). Strangely, today was what I call a "hungry day". No matter what I ate, I just wasn't satisfied and still felt hungry! I actually arrived at home with an empty lunch bag! I usually have a piece of fruit or some vegetables still to eat. I even ate the pack of almonds I had stashed in my purse. On my way home I had to pick up a few ingredients for the recipe I wanted to try for breakfast this week (see yesterday's post for link). I did well in the grocery store. Damn it, Costco finally got me this time! I broke down and got that vanilla soft serve in a cup! I was hungry and unsatisfied, until I had that sweet, sweet soft serve. Oh my it was bliss, I enjoyed every spoonful! Suddenly that sense of being hungry was finally gone! I had eaten protein at breakfast, and snacks so I don't know what was wrong with me!!!

On the up side, Saturday I started week 2 of my C25K program, for this week besides the 5 minute warm up/cool down, the program has me running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes. This increases the total run time from 8 minutes to 9, I've also tried to increase my walking speed to 3.7 and running to 5.5. Tonight I did day 2 and I'm still managing nicely with the program!

Not only did I run today, I took advantage of the sunny, warm day and hit the path behind the building I work in and managed to get in a 32 minute walk! In terms of exercise I'm happy with my progress.

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Karen said...

Hopefully you get time to get to a meeting soon. Those mini broccoli omelettes look delicious! It sounds like you're doing really well iwth the C25K program. :)

Amy said...

Good work on the running! I am eager to start again.

I had a friend remind me of this about my TOPS meetings. You are apart of a group and they count on you being there. Even if you dont' feel like it, your being there provides inspiration to others. Don't let your group down.

Now, because I like people to call me out, I am going to pose a question for you.

You said you can't go to your WW meeting on Wednesday becuase you are having lunch at work on Wednesday? Are the times going to overlap or is it because you actually intend to eat more than you should and you don't want the scale to show it? Is it just an excuse because you perhaps feel like you didn't live up to your potienal this week? One big meal during the week is not going to make a huge difference on the scale. You are not going to eat enough to gain a pound. If you watched yourself the rest of week, it should balance out.

Why not try this? Have a very light breakfast on Wednesday. A bit of yogurt or fruit. Go to lunch, enjoy yourself, but don't overdue it, eat in moderation. If you are like me, you probably won't eat before you get on the scales. Planning your day like this could leave you feeling satified that you joined your peers for lunch, but still held it together enough to go to your meeting.

One excuse leads to another....will you be too tired to get out of bed again this Saturday?

Don't take any of this in a mean way. You commented on my post about excuses and how you (like me) are the queen of them. Don't let lunch out be an excuse.

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