Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Did My Motivation Go????

February went well...

March went pretty well... I was quite disciplined almost all of the month.... March 18th I finally got the cortisone injection I needed to help deal with the pain in my foot (I've had sinus tarsi syndrome). I was getting psyched/stoked to start running again!!!

My birthday rolled around just before Easter, I was surprisingly in control that week! On my birthday, I had a mini-cake waiting for me at my desk (a surprise from my custodian). I shared some of it and slowly enjoyed the rest throughout the day. The girls in the office also treated me to birthday cake, I was able to turn down a slice of that knowing I had a special, home made cake waiting for me upstairs. That night Todd took me out for dinner, my food choices were excellent, and we did indulge and share a desert! The next day was another co-workers birthday and another cake successfully turned down. That night I went out with friends and they treated me to Swiss Chalet, another place that can be very good on the points budget. The day after that, was Good Friday I went shopping with a friend in the States, we had lunch out again... Fantastic planning and control on my part for lunch and snacks I packed.

Todd is trying to eat ALL of our dessert

It was that night that things started going downhill... I had some treats hidden at home I had received as a birthday gift. When I was in the States we were in Wal Mart while I was hungry... A few too many treats made it into my shopping cart. I am always so WEAK when I'm shopping and hungry!!!

Friends of mine took me target shooting for my Birthday

I know I have to take responsibility for my poor choices and only I can put the food into my mouth. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself by Saturday night, because somehow on Thursday I had thrown out my back. It started with a dull ache earlier in the week and by Friday/Saturday it was waking me up in the night, sitting hurt, standing hurt, lying down hurt and extra strength Robaxacet couldn't touch it!!!. So yeah I was feeling pretty pathetic. When I feel sorry for myself my first instinct is to eat. When I'm not well, my instinct is to eat.

Things started to calm down on Easter Monday and most of the week was good but this past Friday it started up again. I finally got into the massage therapist today and its feeling pretty good (even before the massage). I've been using this as my excuse for almost two weeks.

I've not exercised once even though I probably could of gently waked on the treadmill. I've been using it as an excuse to come home and nap for a few hours. Last week I didn't track my food at all, nor was I making the right food choices. This week I finally started tracking again, but I'm finding it hard to make those excellent choices I was making prior to my Birthday.

I have decided that I want to be back down to 150lbs by my birthday next year. I want to use this blog to journal almost daily, a sort of countdown to goal. Also to help keep myself accountable. The entries can be as simple as what my Non-Scale Victory was for that day to what challenges I'm facing.

351 Days to my Birthday Meltaway Celebration!!!

- thanks for reading!


Bonnie Brown said...

Great idea! I look forward to reading your posts :). Hopefully they can help others, and me stay motivated.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Dani ... I am that same way. When something is not going my way, my first instinct is to eat something. And you know darn well, it's NOT going to be a small apple and some cottage cheese!

I have been facing some semi-serious health issues. So what do I do? I do what will make things worse actually. What the H*** is WRONG with me?????

Sent you an email regarding a project. Let me know what you think.

Hope you can get on back track soon. Me TOO!

Amy said...

This is my week to get back on track too. I am logging food and eating more mindfully.

Perhaps you will join the Non Scale Victory link up tomorrow! I know I am :-)

Karen said...

Really sorry to hear that you've hurt your back. Hopefully it heals quickly and you can get moving again. It is really hard to stay on track when things aren't going right. Look forward to reading your posts through-out the upcoming year!