Friday, May 6, 2011

Week in Review April 29-May 5

Oh what a week!  I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat and it just all went downhill from there.  Tuesday night I went and saw Bon Jovi in concert despite the sore throat and exhaustion.  I think that's the one night all week long I had my best sleep due to being so tired, I've not slept through the night since.

So the sore throat on Tuesday progressed to a cough on Wednesday, to stuffed up Thursday night.  Today its full on congestion, cough, and low grade fever.  Oh yeah, and I can't TASTE anything, nothing, nada.  Sigh.  Did not make it to the gym or anything today!

This morning was the dreaded weigh in day and that's just what it turned out to be, I had hopes for a stay the same or maybe loose 1/2 a pound maybe even a pound.  Nope I gained 0.8 lbs so now I'm pretty much 8lbs over my goal weight.

I had a not bad week food-wise, a number of days I ate over my daily allowance but not wayyy over.  I still had weekly points left.  Now I did have some empty calories this week, on two occasions I was brought a cupcake (which never happens) and well cake/cupcakes are one of my never turn down foods and they were both worth the points.  On the other hand I earned over 40 activity points, I did some sort of activity 6/7 days this past week.  The result of my efforts and honest tracking... a kick in the face.  Fingers crossed, its just my body's reaction to this cold and that next week will be better.  So I'll continue on this course of tracking honestly, trying to do some sort of activity 6/7 days a week (today had to be a rest day so I'm hoping I'm feeling well enough for a walk tomorrow).  Hopefully I'm feeling well enough to go to WW tomorrow morning.

The Good
  • I made it to my WW meeting on Saturday
  • I exercised 6/7 days this week
  • I tracked honestly every day
  • Have managed to vary my food menu all week long
The Bad
  • Still having sugar cravings and sometimes giving into them
The Ugly
  • I have a awful cold!
  • Probably ate too many empty calories (2 cupcakes, 1/2 slice banana bread, a few too many oatmeal chocolate chip cookies), but I tracked all of them!
  • Had a bad craving for chewy, soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and started eating around my carving.  So I knew it was best just to buy the smallest pack I could get from the grocery store bakery and get it out of my system.  At least Todd helped or the damage could of been worse.
Upcoming Challenges
  • Shake this cold, and be healthy for race weekend
  • Try to remain active without making this cold worse
  • Continue to track honestly
  • Try to eat less empty calories
  • Go to my WW meeting


Karen said...

So, you're horribly sick, but you still managed to do something active each day!? Great determination Dani!

Get well soon!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Be careful of that sore throat and not tasting anything - it can be a sign of strep, which we didn't know until Cameron had it in April. Get better soon!

Jane said...

Hi Dani,

You have been so good with your exercise and food, hopefully it will show up on the scales next week. Being sick does funny things to our bodies.

I hope you are feeling better soon.