Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week in Review May 6-12

After last weekend being a rough one, from being sick I finally started to feel better on Tuesday.  The week just improved from there.  The end result of being sick though was all the getting caught up which I felt like I was doing all week.  Not only was playing catch-up all weekend but I was spending my other free moments getting ready to have my friends over for a stitching get together!  It was our usual routine of stitch-eat-sleep!

Now as for my journey to get my extra 8lbs off, sigh.  I'm only down 0.4lbs this week, but its a move in the right direction.... right?  Every little bit helps.  I was awesome for the first part of the week, but once Wednesday rolled around, my resolve and will-power started flagging.  I admit to some bad choices in the latter half of my week.

So here's my week at a glance (click to biggify)

The Good
  • Moving towards making more better choices each day
  • Tracked honestly for 17 days in a row
  • Gone to WW meetings two weeks in a row
  • Exercised each day that I could
  • Starting to feel better and better about myself
  • The scale moved down a little
The Bad
  • Wasn't healthy enough to run this past week
  • Started being tempted by sweets
  • Busy = No proper dinners
The Ugly
  • Thursday saw more sweets going into this girl's mouth.


Lisa said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now and starting to get things back on track.
You know that the weight will keep coming off if you do what you need to do, and I have every faith in you that you will do it.

Karen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! And it's definitely a move in the right direction. :)