Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Meeting Topic Week 19 : Managing Relationships

This past week was a busy one and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to my regular Saturday morning WW meeting so I felt well enough and had the time to go to my old group on Tuesday nights.  There were still a few familiar faces there, it was nice to see them!

Last week's topic was about managing your relationships.  No one does or can loose weight alone, no matter how you try to keep your weight loss plan a secret from others when you don't go looking for help you're setting yourself up for a tough journey.

When I thought about joining Weight Watchers, initially I was going to keep joining WW top secret from EVERYONE!  Then I gave myself one of those V8 slaps on the forehead... why should I be ASHAMED to admit that I needed to loose weight and that I needed help to do it.  No one should be made to feel ashamed when they're moving onto the right path?  So I came home, told Todd and told the world and right away I had a HUGE support network of family and friends 100% behind me all the way.  So please don't keep your journey top secret, let people know and let them help you!

In the meeting we talked about three different personality types :

Jealous Jerri
  • this person is jealous of the success of others, or their strength to change themselves and their life
Polly The Food Pusher
  • this could be a family member or a friend or your Mom who feels food is love and they love to cook/bake your favourite dishes that are not weight management friendly.  This is also the person that often will tell you "live a little, have just one".  Sometimes one is all that takes that could lead to a binge.
Negative Nelly
  • this is the person that sees the bad in every situation and will not hesitate to let you know.  My best advice if you have one of these people in your life is just not to SHARE ANYTHING with this person, because when you want to share something that you're proud of or makes you feel good, this person will point out the negative and leave you feeling like shit
The long and the short of this is you need to be aware of these profiles above and recognize who these people are in your life.  You need to find the best strategy to deal with them.  Or use their traits to fuel your fire, and PROVE THEM WRONG!  Ask for help from those who are important to you, and be specific with how you'd like them to help you.

Never forget, to thank the people around you for their help and support.  A kind thank you always goes a long way!


Lisa said...

I can definitely identify the first two types of people and could probably come up with the third as well lol. I'm just so thankful that I found a lot of good friends along my weight loss journey who encouraged me every step and still do in my maintenance fight.

Terri said...

I know someone who is a WW member who's actually a combination of the first and third 'group.'

My most positive-help person is my husband. When I was ready to re-joined, right before the big change - I went to him and told him of the struggles I had before that caused me to quit. I asked him to help me and hold me accountable. I even stepped on the scale in front of him the morning of my 'first' meeting. It was very hard but it was the best thing I've ever done. He never nags me about how many points something is, etc., but he does remind me (sometimes quite often) to log them in. He usually asked me the morning of my weigh-in how I felt about the past week and sometimes he sends me an email while I'm at my meeting asking me how my weigh-in went. It has really helped me this time to stay on track since I know someone is going to home me accountable almost every day instead of once a week.

Sorry about the 'book!' LOL