Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Meeting Topic: Learn to Play With Your Food

I think many of us who are trying to loose weight often fall into the same trap, the same one I'm guilty of finding myself in a lot of the time.  Eating the same foods day after day.  We like to think we're helping our weight loss efforts by sticking to a known menu.  We know the calories, we (mostly) like the foods, and well its just plain easy.

Sadly, the body is a pretty clever thing.  The body gets used to consuming and processing these foods, in the end it becomes very efficient and processing those calories.  When this starts to happen, the body starts to hang onto its fat.  Not only does your body start to revolt by slowing your weight loss, but you can be setting yourself up for sabotage.  You can start to feel deprived, which can start with a splurge, leading to a binge, which often leads to a sense of guilt and you cold end up abandoning your weight loss efforts. 

How do you stop this by happening, but by playing with your food!  I don't mean really play with your food but mix up your menu!

Here are some ideas to help you mix things up :
  • Review your A-Z food list, pick out something, a fruit or a vegetable you've never tried before
  • Try one of the recipes in your Weight Watchers Weekly
  • There's a wealth of recipes out there, in WW cookbooks, magazines, and so many more online
  • Match your menu to the season, the warmer weather is here its time for spring and summer salads, slowly local veggies and fruit will come into season, enjoy them while they're here.
  • Swap recipes with a friend, have dinner at someones house and enjoy a healthy meal?  Don't be shy to ask for that recipe
It was suggested one should have a wide range of meals to pick from:
  • 10 different breakfasts
  • 15 different lunches
  • 20 different dinners
I guess I've got some homework to do!


Karen said...

This makes so much sense! I never knew that our body would adjust to the foods that we eat like that. I'm definitely one of those people that have the staples in my weekly menu and don't vary it a lot. I'll have to start looking for some variations.

Lisa said...

Thanks for this post Dani!
I have about six different breakfasts and LOTS of different dinners, but my lunches I've only just realised on reading your post could be an issue. I generally have more or less the same lunch every weekday, so think I need to try to come up with some new ideas for that.