Friday, May 27, 2011

Week In Review May 20-26

Sadly, my good efforts this week didn't pay off this week, I gained 0.6lbs but that's pretty small in the scheme of things I suppose.  I was a little disappointed with it because I thought I had a descent week, lots of activity (running, walking, ultimate frisbee, and Taekwon-do).

Tomorrow morning I'll be weighing in (and paying up).  The sad thing is when you weigh in monthly your weight tracker doesn't really reflect what's gone on in the last four weeks.  It doesn't show that my weight went even higher, then I've dropped it back down roughly to where I was when I last weighed in... but not to be within 2lbs of my goal weight which is why I'll be paying up.  Since I've lost the bulk of my weight, its just so hard to make my body lose anything, even after I've put on a few too many undesirable extra pounds.  I'm at a loss for what to do/what to change to make the weight shift.

So here's my week at a glance (click to biggify)

The Good:
  • I exercised 6/7 days this week
  • I started a new activity, Ultimate Frisbee... I had never played before!  I quite enjoy it and my teammates were very patient with me.
  • I got out for a 9.75K run on Saturday evening, I'm definately ready for my race this Saturday!
  • I did very well with the candy dishes this week
  • I am still doing well with temptation!
  • I am still tracking honestly
The Bad:
  • A little frustrated that my efforts didn't pay off at the scale
  • I think my food is getting static and I don't know how to change
  • I had a migraine Thursday night
The Ugly:
  • I can't think of anything ugly, so I guess that falls under the good category????
Upcoming Challenges:
  • To keep my chin up and keep on the right track towards weight loss
  • Keep to my 6/7 days of activity per week
  • Come up with some changes to shake up this body!
  • Running 10K on SATURDAY!!!


Karen said...

It sounds like you're staying positive despite this new challenge. Staying positive is half the battle... I'm sure those few lbs will come off, it's just going to take some time and a little extra effort, which you're obviously putting in - Ultimate Frizbee - need I say more! Good job on your effort!

Lisa said...

Well done on the activity levels and trying something new, you're doing great. I've been a bit lax with the activity this last week so working on rectifying that.