Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week in Review May 13-19

Another week, another pound.  Well actually, that's 1.4 lbs the scale moved in the right direction again this week this time with a better number from the week before!  Slowly I hope I'm well on my way to getting rid of my recently gained weight.  Only 6 lbs to get back to goal, 4 lbs so I don't have to pay at Weight Watchers!  I don't think that will happen for this month, since next week is my last opportunity to get weighed in for the month of May.  Miracles have happened...

The week I would say started out well, and went fairly well.  I do see a trend though, I do really well with the temptations until about Wednesday then things go downhill.  I would say I ate pretty well all week long until then, for some strange reason I have this urge to pig out Wednesdays/Thursdays.  Am I afraid of my own success and trying to subconsciously sabotaging myself?

So this is what the week looked like (not bad I'd say):

The Good:
  • I've earned a lot of activity points this past week and I'm back to running, but the weather wouldn't co-operate for outdoor runs.  We pretty much had rain every day this past week.
  • Each week I feel I'm doing better dealing with temptation
  • I went to my WW meeting today, 3 in a row now!
  • I'm up to 21 days of tracking honestly
The Bad:
  • Candy dishes continue to haunt me
  • Everywhere I turn at work lately there seems to be food up for grabs somewhere!
  • I hit the mid-week slump and started making some bad food choices
The Ugly
  • I ate way too many cookies on Wednesday (but they were tracked)
  • I've been having some issues with migraines this past week
Upcoming Challenges
  • I don't think this food thing at work is going to slow down, we're heading into our last month of school soon and food seems be ever present at this time of year.  I have to just focus on not giving into temptation one more day that the previous week and eventually it'll be all seven days!
  • Next Saturday is Ottawa Race weekend!  Eeeek!  My 10K is upon me!


Karen said...

Great job in moving the scale the right way! Is it possible that you're starting to feel warn out/drained by Wednesday and food is making you feel better? It is hump day, and a lot of people start feeling fatigue with balancing work and life by then.

Lisa said...

Well done on getting some of the weight back off, a great step in the right direction.
I usually start to weaken come about Thur/Fri because I'm generally stricter early on in the week and I also exercise more early in the week, so I think by then I'm getting tired and craving.