Friday, May 23, 2014

Big But Bittersweet Day Tomorrow

The first time I ran the 10K and over 40lbs lighter

Ottawa has a big run event each year, Ottawa Race Weekend which takes place tomorrow and Sunday. The races take place over the next two days, with everything from a kids race to a full marathon. There are 48,000 participants registered for the various events and I am one of those people.

I last ran it two years ago, about 10lbs heavier than the previous time

I registered in December in the 10K race, I've done this event twice in the past (and 40ish lbs lighter). I had to stop running for sometime due to foot issues. I had developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot, again. This time, not only did I have this one problem but somehow I also developed sinus tarsus syndrome in that same foot. It was a long road to start running again, physio, sports doctor, naproxen, an MRI, and two cortisone injections later I was feeling ready to start running this past October. I took it in small steps and all was well. So I felt confident I could do a 10K by the end of May.

Fast forward to March of this year and while don't a bootcamp at the gym I started experiencing pain in my left heel again, but not quite the same as before. AND I was having pain while I was exercising where I the past it was after, it took a few weeks to get things under control. I also have pain in the metatarsals of both feet of I step on something uneven and my ankles ache! Things are not improving and I find even my day-to-day is even hurting lately and there seems to be two things I can wear on my feet that are okay. Either my running shoes (Brooks Dyad) or my cheapie flip flops. Even my Birkenstocks hurt me!

I need to go to the doctor, I really do... But I keep putting it off. I also need to be assertive and insist that I get probably an MRI and a bone scan to see what's going on with my piece of shit feet. I need to see a specialist of sorts, someone good! I don't want an X-ray and to be shipped off to physiotherapy, go through that for a month or two before the physio finally decides he's not being effective neigh and says I need a specialist to figure out what's going on.

Needless to say in still register in this race, and my feet were feeling pretty good up until a week ago. I started taking it easy just over a week ago because of this event. Things were getting better, until I did something stupid last night.
My friend Tracey and I went to pick up our race bibs/shirts last night and check out the Expo and I did t think to change from flip flops to running shoes. I'm still really sore today!!! Fuck!

I had it in my mind and was training toward walk/running the race. Now I have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow and I might just be walking it. Bit at least I'm going to do it and I'm not a quitter.

It was worth my while last night going to check out the Expo, there were some great deals to be had! I'm super stoked about these shoes!!! I got myself a new pair of my shoe! Brooks Dyad, but last years model and I'm really cool with that!

As you can see, I got a deal, because I paid full price for my 7’s and I NEEDED new shoes. Also this is not a shoe you find in stock in every shoe/sports/running stores. I even trolled the interwebs and couldn't find a deal.

I also spied these Adidas No-Slip headbands loved the colours and grabbed them! I have a love/hate relationship with headbands. Either they're too big for my wee head (I get migraines cause my brain is soooo big ;-) ) or they don't stay put because I have super straight baby fine hair... It takes paying a professional to get a single curl in this hair. Well, I wore one thos orning, and it didn't even last 15 minutes before I could feel it start to slide back, back, back. What a disappointment and a waste of money.

So wish me luck tomorrow, I'm hoping the running gods will smile down on me and let me run as much of the race as possible!

- thanks for reading!


Lianne said...

Best of luck Dani! I hope your feet cooperate and if they don't, I hope you don't beat yourself and your poor aching feet up. Keep going girl, whatever, however and whenever you can.

Robin said...

Good luck and best wishes to you! Hope your tootsies allow you to at least walk and maybe a bit of running!

Robin in Virginia