Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prepping For The Week Ahead

First if all I want to thank everyone whose taking the time to respond to my last post! I am glad I did the right thing, speaking up without outright confronting "rude lady". You are all so supportive, each comment just makes me feel better about this blog, myself and I'm looking forward with more optimism theses days. Thank you.

I know one of my key secrets to weight loss success is to "be prepared" and quite honestly for the longest time I've just sucked at it! As I'm bringing exercise back into my routine after a few quiet weeks due to migraines, life and a few plain old lazy days, I thought I should start being more organized again for the week ahead.

I work full time, but I don't have kids so my waking hours are not taken over by caring for a family. It's just me, Todd and the cats so why I get so lazy there's just no excuse. The time is there, I just find once I'm home for the evening/weekend and my big ass hits my recliner I'm done for.

So this evening while making my dinner and some cookies, I prepped food for the week ahead. I made a big container full of salad for my lunches, I find it'll hold up all week as long as you don't put things like cucumber or tomatoes (heaven forbid, I can't stand them!). I even portioned some for my lunch for tomorrow. While cutting up peppers to go in the salad I sliced the rest of the up and put them in a container, I like to pack a baggie with carrots, celery and peppers for an afternoon snack. This week I also picked up a cantaloupe it's now diced and in a container for the week (portioned some of that for breakfast tomorrow). The less I have to prepare on the morning the less last minute junk goes in my lunch bag.

While cookies were baking I also took the time to put my clean laundry away. I'm very guilty of not doing that and just digging out clothes as I need them. I even took the time to pack my gym bag for tomorrow. Since I've hot the trail, two days in a row now, I should do some wights at the gym.

Speaking do hitting the trail, funny I didn't notice the trilliums in bloom yesterday. Today they were in bloom all over the place amongst the shade of the trees! This is the flower of my province, Ontario.

- thanks for reading!


Storybook Erin said...

I always find prepping our meals helps us stay on track. Also, we've been refusing to buy "snackie foods" instead, I buy grapes and portion them into servings and feel them in the fridge. It's not chocolate, but it's something sweet.

Sylvia said...

Both of you have provided me with great ideas of how to better prepare for success in weight loss.

Bonnie Brown said...

I prepared salads for both Blair and I last week and it was SO HANDY!!
Didn't get a chance to do this weeks last night though. Hopefully will get a few prepared ahead of time before the end of the week LOL

Abby said...

I have been trying to prep a bit more too. Good luck.

Brita said...

Slicing the vegs for dinner has become something of a ritual over the past eight weeks or so - I've become so used to it that I'm now panicking because I didn't get to do any shopping today and won't have much time tomorrow either because of an early-morning doctor's appointment. For emergencies there are still deep frozen vegs like green sweet peas (love them!) but it's not the same. I really have to get back to prepping more when I know I have a crazy week ahead! Thanks for reminding us. You've done a good job there.