Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pity Party

Well I'm having myself a bit of a pity party cause I'm failing yet agin. The last couple of years has just been a weight loss farce. 

I saw this on FB today and it's exactly how I feel!  I've managed not to do this (yet) but I did have ice cream for dinner as part of my pity party. Really helps doesn't it?  The good side, I counted the points instead of just ignoring it. 

I just keep thinking how at the beginning of March I had gotten myself down to 179 and here I am now up to 187 yet again even heavier. Again. This has been my pattern the last few years, drop a few pounds, put on a few more. Over and over. 

It's not just my weight that has me feeling so shitty about myself but my feet too. I am in so much pain/discomfort every day (especially since that 10k on Saturday) that it's hard to see beyond that and my desire to curl up into the fetal position and not get out of bed. 

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Shebafudge said...

How about emailing me your points each day? Do you think that might help? I am trying to point everything even if that means I am 50 points over, at least I know why I am playing with the same half a stone.