Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weigh In & Rude People

I'm quite proud of myself this morning, not only did I get my sorry behind out of bed to go to my Weight Watchers meeting (and to face that dreaded white box), but I decided I had time to hit the Beckwith Trail before the meeting.

I admire those who can get up in the morning and get moving!!! This girl cannot! My body is like nu-huh, no way, not gonna happen! I find I spend the whole workout dragging my ass, I can't move fast enough, and I find even breathing hard. If I do morning workouts it's because I HAVE to, otherwise I won't get it done that day. Or, it's because of my wired-ass allergy! I have been diagnosed with exercise induced anaphylaxis ... In plain English, I'm allergic to exercise! I can't exercise after I eat at a restaurant, there is something in some food that restaurants use that I react to if I exercise 3-4 hours after eating. I break out in hives, I have trouble breathing and I will pass out and come to repeatedly. Soooo if I know I'm going to be eating out I HAVE to either plan to exercise before or decide not to exercise at all. Otherwise it's Mr. Epi-pen (blue to the sky, orange to the thigh), and an ambulance ride to the ER.

I'm flying solo this weekend so I decided I was going to take myself out for breakfast. This meant if I was going to earn a few Activity Points, it would have to happen this morning! I'm very proud that I followed through with that plan as I don't love mornings and morning exercise even less.

My weigh in was a nice little surprise, I managed to loose 0.7 of the 2.7lbs I put on last week! I really wasn't even expecting that as it's been a slow process getting back to eating right and not giving in to my cravings. I also had decided to focus on the food this past week and work on the exercise this upcoming week.

Now onto rude people... This morning at my meeting we were celebrating one of our members who had reached her 10% goal (lost 10% of her starting body weight). She talked about how this was her second time around and between these two times at WW she has now lost 35lb. One member spoke up and said "some of us have lost three times that."

I was just flabbergasted that she said that! It's all fine and great that you have lost over 100lbs and kept it off. But we were celebrating this young lady, who had reached her 10% goal! Way to steal her thunder. We weren't talking about you or your achievements. I couldn't help but speak up, reminding her and everyone else that we all come and go and we each have our own story and we may not know your story or saw you before you lost your weight, but every pound that we each have lost was hard won no matter how much we have to loose.

So please never criticize someone's weight loss (efforts) even if they have less to loose or more to loose. We're all on the same journey we all just take different routes and some of us reach that destination sooner than others.

- thanks for reading!


Shebafudge said...

Woohoo, Go Dani, Go Dani!!!

Well done you for getting back on track this week. I'm really proud of you xx

What a horrible woman! I hope the lady getting her 10% was ok with it and doesn't allow the comments to put her off. Good for you for making a stand. We all have to start somewhere and she needs to get her 10% before she can get anything else. You would have thought that the one place you would meet supportive people who understand would be at the meeting. Grrrr...putting my soapbox away now. xx

Bonnie Brown said...

1st congrats on the morning excersise and on the loss!
2nd I can't believe the nerve!!! That is just wrong! And definitely rude!
Good for you for speaking up!

Anonymous said...

As a lifetime member of WW, I can tell you that having a really good WW leader AND group can make all the difference in your journey. Not all groups are equal!

In all my experience at WW, I NEVER heard such a comment uttered!!!

My TOTAL weight loss to get at goal was 28 pounds, and girl… that 28 pounds changed my life!

I am about 6 to 8 pounds above my goal weight right now and by golly, to counteract the bad karma of that person's comments in a meeting and its effect on you, I hereby join you, to get to goal again. (I live too far away from a WW center now to go back to meetings)

It's a mental game, and we know it.

Don't think of going for a walk as 'exercise'…. think of it as…. "I am going to be active today". This is something I realized just recently. As soon as I think , I have to exercise…. it sounds like freakin' punishment. But, if I think, I'm going to be active… well, that could mean anything! Any body movement is GOOD. They don't call them 'activity points' for nothing ! :-)


I believe in you.


Sylvia said...

Good for you Dani!! For speaking up and for overcoming your dislike of morning exercise in order to help you meet your goal. Keep up the good work.

Brita said...

Congrats on dragging yourself out of bed and hitting the trail, congrats on loosing weight and even more so on speaking up at the meeting. How COULD she say something like this to another member??? I hope it didn't put the 10%-lady off because that's a terrific achievement!
I hate people who judge other's weight loss or need to. I, too, face it now and again. I'm not overweight but I need to get back down to my weight 4 years ago because of back trouble. And I really get freaked to hear people ask, what do you want to loose weight for? You are skinny as it is. At a BMI of 24/25 I'm not and I'm very pround I am down to that now. Another 3 lbs to go but those are the hardest!
Perhaps you could print all the comments for the 10%-lady to encourage her if you feel that she's feeling a bit down after today's meeting?

Jo said...

Dani, it's great to hear you has a success, and that you fit your run in. But I'm prouder that you stood up to rude woman - if only we all did that more often the rudeys might stop. One could hope. I'm having a ww nightmare. My meetings have been cancelled. Again. It took me so long to find a good leader aft the last time they did that to me. So off to,pastures new on Monday. Maybe this will be the dream group Deborah spoke of? Keep going, you WILL get there. WE ALL WILL :)

Abby said...

Awesome job. I just started WW bout 3 weeks ago when my doctor suggested I need to lose about 15 pounds and it is really helping me so far. Awesome that you got in a workout and the meeting.