Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ottawa Race Weekend 2014

Last night was the big night, Ottawa Race Weekend, and my first attempt at a race since my foot started giving me trouble over a year and a half ago!

This year I left early with plenty of time to pick up my friend Tracey, who was running with me and my friend Christin who is my jpmoral support in all I do and my "race day bitch". She carries all my stiff, takes picturs and will always be there when I finish. This year I decided to try parking at the World Exchange Plaza  and that was the thing to do!  It was easy to get into, lots of spots, easy to get out AND free on Saturday!  It was also just a few short blocks from the start line. 

Before we headed to out corral Tracey and I took out traditional start line picture. 

This year the start was different from the mass start of previous years. This year the corrals were started in 2 minute waves. That was the best thing they could ever do!  Instead of having to walk the first couple of minutes because the course was too crowded we were able to start running from the beginning!  Tracey and I decided to commit to two minute intervals, we ran for two, we walked for two. I would of liked to do more but my foot has been really sore for almost two weeks now and I wanted something I could maintain for 10km. The first 5km went really great, good pace. My heel had started bothering me shortly after the first kilometre, but then it always hurts. Ly left half had really tightened up too!  Around kilometre 3 the top of my left foot when numb/tingly that lasted to about kilometre 6. Then around 6-9 I felt like a cramp was coming on!   About half way through kilometre 7 that's when I started to struggle and my pace really slowed down!  But I kept going determined to keep to the plan!  

Tracey and I crossed the finish line in 1 hour 35 minutes!!!!!!  I'm very impressed with how we did, it's nowhere near as fas as when I was 40lbs lighter and running regularly but all that matters is that I did it!  That I didn't give up or just not show up!

Tracey was a superstar and helped get me through the race!  I didn't ask her to register with me, but she did within minutes of me saying I was giving to do the 10k this year. She doesn't run, and is not a runner at all!  She kept up with me the whole way and even had more oomph than I did at the end!  She is also almost 60lbs lighter than me and she does those crazy T25 and Combat videos so she's in great shape!

We have registered for a 5k in late September, the army run and were already talking about running the whole event.  I think that's an obtainable goal for both do us. 

My next step is to get into the doctor and finally have this foot seen to. I keep hoping it would go away, but it's not!


Shebafudge said...

Congratulations Dani! So impressed with you as it would have been very easy to give in and not run. Were you sponsored for it? Or just for fun?

Abby said...

Awesome job completing the event. I hope the doctor can help you figure out what is going on with your foot.

Robin said...

Way to go! Sorry the foot was troublesome, but so thrilled that you continued on.

Robin in Virginia