Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday's Positive Reflection

Over the last couple of Weight Watchers meetings, my awesome leader has been encouraging us to take stock at the end of each day, and to refect POSITIVELY on how or day was. Want positive things we've done to make us successful on our weight loss journeys. 

I've been meaning to do this, most of May... honestly I have and I just keep forgetting. I need a lot of positive right now as you know I'm feeling quite down on myself lately.  

Today I had my head spin the right place and I made all the right food choices. I was running really behind this morning and I almost said screw it, that I would buy breakfast and lunch. I gave my head a shake and quickly threw cut up veggies (prepping paid off here!), yogurt, cheese string, hummus, and crackers in my lunch bag and for snacks watermelon that I also had cut up already and an apple. So in the end I only just grabbed breakfast on my way in since I was already stopping at Timmies for a tea. I grabbed a bagel toasted with butter which is a treat, I love a good bagel and this one was maple cinnamon French toast, oh yummy!  The point price at 9 PP was a little steeper than what I usually have for breakfast but I did enjoy it and counted it. 

I am also proud that I avoided the ice cream temptation at Costco, on a beautiful warm day.  There's something about a warm, sunny day that just makes me crave vanilla soft serve!  Especially as you're walking in and all you see is every other person walking out, enjoying their Costco ice cream!

I did make a great buy at Cosrco this Keds for $23.99 I've been wanting RED shoes!  I might have also picked up a pair in black....


Storybook Erin said...

those are cute! ps ice cream is my weakness lol

Abby said...

I had to resist that exact same Costco ice cream today. It is amazing and so cheap! I just did not have the points for it though.

Bonnie Brown said...

Awesome choices.
Love the shoes!

Shebafudge said...

Congratulations!!!! The shoes are so much lighter points wise than the ice cream - good choice :)