Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gym-Dates Rock!

Back in the fall my friend Marline and I decided to meet up on a Sunday afternoon and go to the gym and have dinner together at her place afterwards.  Right away we knew we had to do this again!  So we picked a second date, gym and dinner this time I'd bring my kick-ass lasagna. 

Since there was a nice big pan of lasagna we got in touch with our friend Laurie-Anne and asked her to join us for dinner.  We haven't gotten Laurie-Anne out to the gym yet, it was close today but she was having trouble submitting an assignment for an online course and didn't make it.  However, today we had Alicia join us since her gym-date didn't show up.  So as of tonight, our little group of 2 is now a lovely group of 4! 

We've each been taking turns making dinner, bringing the salad, or the dessert.  Tonight, it was my turn and I made us Chicken Parmigiana Weight Watchers style!  We had it with salad, rice pasta, green beans and broccolini.  Dessert was creme caramel.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to end a gym-workout. Hope you had a great time!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Wow - how cool to now have a group of supportive women to work out and eat healthy with. You girls are very lucky to have found each other!