Saturday, November 6, 2010

Metabolisim Part Deux

My plans for today fell through so I was at a loose end today!  I figured I'd get up around 8am and hop on my scale.  Yes, I know, I know we're not supposed to weigh ourselves daily, and I don't.  I figured if I was in my "safe zone" I'd drive into town and go to the Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in for the month of November.  Next weekend will be one full of food, temptations, and sitting on my behind stitching so if I can get it out of the way now I've technically got until December 31st to recover.  Not that I'm planning on being bad... I rarely plan on being bad but I know there will be an abundance of food and some of it VERY tempting.  My plan is to take a fruit bowl!  I'm going to take a nice big bowl and fill it with apples, clementines (yeah!  Its clementine time of year!), bananas and grapes.

Anyhow despite yesterday's 2 cookies for breakfast, a sliver of pizza at lunch (and I mean a sliver!), 3 fajitas for dinner and 1/2 a chocolate bar that I shared with my friend Christin... I was down another 1.5 lbs!  Yup, 135 on the nose!  Sadly there is a 1 lb difference between my scale and the Weight Watchers one but its still within the acceptable range.  So off I went!

I got a little more GREAT information on metabolism at Saturday's meeting as well.  That's the beauty of Weight Watchers is that each meeting leader has a different take on the same subject.  Did you know that there are 3 types of metabolism?  I had no clue!

Resting - this is 70-75% of your metabolism this is the energy you body needs to sleep, to breath, your hear to beat.  Essentially the calories your body burns while you're sitting on your behind (stitching?) or even sleeping.

Food Digestion - 10% did you know you'll burn more calories eating an apple than a container of yogurt.  Your body has to work harder at chewing and digesting it.  Cool eh?

Physical Activity - disappointingly this is only 15-20% of our metabolism

I thought those were three really cool facts I picked up at the meeting!  As usual there was a lot of laughing a few comments about sex and raising your heart rate to increase your metabolism.  I think that's why I love these Saturday meetings, the ladies just put it all out there and we have a good laugh (which burns calories too).

Tomorrow I'm expecting a long day!  I'm at a Taekwon-Do tournament, where I'll be assisting with the 4-6 year old obstacle course, judging patterns & sparring, also competing in patterns and team patterns, a last minute plan with Paige and Jason.

The Terrific Trio - My team for team patterns!
Wish me luck!

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the break-down of metabolism. Hard to believe that resting is such a large percentage!