Friday, November 19, 2010

Not Surprised

Its Friday, which means the weekend is here... actually it means weigh in day.

Unfortunately today I have a gain to share with you, but really was I surprised?  Not at all, not after this past weekend and the following week!  I had some great runs on the weekend, however I had not gone to a gym, Taekwon-Do, or for a run until tonight.

Between some not so great food choices on the weekend, a hectic week (which translates into not my usual eating patterns), and no exercise lead to a two pound gain this week.

Before I stepped on the scale this morning I promised myself that today was my fresh start, now that life has slowed back down.  I started out my morning with my usual push-ups and sit-ups I hadn't done in a week.  I did eat some cake today (you know me and... cake right?), and I finally stepped foot in the gym.  I was pretty tired and cranky today (I kicked kids out of the library on 4 occasions today) but I felt so much better after working out.  I really should of done that last night but I wimped out and came home to relax!

I don't have a lot of crazy plans this weekend so I'm hoping to relax, sleep, and make it to my gym-date on Sunday!

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