Thursday, November 18, 2010


Wow is right!  Unfortunately it has nothing to do with my current weight, or some crazy form of exercise I've done.  Its all about this blog!

I started the blog this past summer, really for myself and its something I wish I had done from the start.  To track, journal and share my weight loss journey.  Of course the journey isn't over so now I'm sharing with you my struggle to maintain my weight loss (and you never know loose a few more???) and lead a full, active life.

I got an e-mail today, at first I assumed it was a comment on this blog.  Then I thought it was SPAM.  Then I realized it was legitimate!  My blog has been listed (by another blog on a website in the health care field) in this entry "60 Amazing Blogs For Weight Watchers Support"!  I was actually shocked and surprised that people out there actually read this and feel that its worthy of having a good look!

I'm listed as #24 under "Points and dieting" they've highlighted a couple of entries that are worth looking at too.  I am also quite honoured to be included in a list with the likes of the Legendary Sheryl!  Aka Bitchcakes who is an amazing women and an inspiration to all!  I ADORE her blog!

So I want to say THANK YOU to all of you fantastic readers, high-fives and props all around!  Thank you for following me on my life long journey!


Jo said...

you deserve it Dani - you are a great inspiration (both in stitching and weight loss terms) - and you success at WW was one of the things that inspired me to sign up!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That is quite an honor.

Karen said...

That's awesome Dani! Your posts really are helpful and informative and I know I appreciate them a lot. Congrats!!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Dani, that is just downright fantastic! So happy for you, and you absolutely deserve it. Your blog is awesome and gives such great tips and advice. Congrats!!