Monday, November 29, 2010

Helping Others

This upcoming weekend at Taekwon-Do is a HUGE black belt test.  Now, I'm not testing this time around (thank goodness) but some of my friends at the dojang are.  My buddies Peter and Jason are going for their 4th degree black belts... that's a huge deal!  I've been planning on going to watch to support everyone.

Two weeks ago Tasha who also teaches in our Little Tigers Program asked for help with her step and model sparring for her 2nd Degree test.  I of course was willing to help, and asked her if she had a uki for the test day.  Of course she immediately asked me to be her uki.  Seeing as many others have helped me along the road of my Taekwon-Do journey it is only fair that I help someone else!

Good luck everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to Tasha and to you as her Uki.