Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Me

Well, wonderful blog readers, I really don't have the time to tell you much today!  Its 11:45PM and I need to get this post UP!

So I thought I'd share with you a pre-weight loss picture of me with you.  A girl needs a reminder of how far she's come.

Here I am with cross stitch designer Jeannette Douglas in 2006
I also want to shout out a thank you to Amy tonight!  She invited me over for dinner, she fed me a fantastic Weight Watchers friendly meal with dessert.  Amy also sent me home with leftovers for lunch tomorrow (yay!).  We has such a great time that neither of us noticed it was suddenly almost 9PM and I really needed to head home!  Amy is also living the Weight Watchers lifestyle despite her busy, busy life and is down 14 lbs so far.  Way to go Amy!!!


piecesdesigner said...

You're so right, Dani. We do need reminders of how hard we've worked. You're pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

You are lovely!!! I had such a great time. Thank YOU for such a great night!